OBS Featured in Cincy Chic 

July 20, 2015.

Read how Owl Be Sweatin' is GIVING FORWARD to these three amazingly strong women and how you can help!


i am strong

Tough times don't last.

Tough people do.

We know you ladies out there are tough cookies. Make sure you have the BEST workout accessory to support your active lifestyle.


The Headband. 


 Looking for a headband that fits YOU perfectly, actually does not slip, is affordable and super fashionable? here you go

We Stay Up All Night So You Can Sweat All Day!™

get ready to fly!

Our fav quote right now: "But what if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?" Head over to our blog and get inspired by all the wonderful events and promos we have going on!


None of us have the same head shape or size, so why should we have to wear the same size band? With OBS, you don't anymore. All of these products are designed to fit YOU perfectly! Check out the collection today!

the headband. perfected.

New patterns are added to the "Shop" tab weekly so come back often. Featured: NEW "ring around the rosey in blue"