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Strength Series: Megan's Story

Mallory DeBraComment

Owl Be Sweatin’ is honored to officially announce The Owl Be Sweatin’ Strength Series!

Cancer has many faces – your mother, father, sibling, child, neighbor, co-worker, friend or even a complete stranger.


Owl Be Sweatin’ nominated three women who’ve displayed the utmost courage, bravery and strength and who have dealt with their cancer in the most inspirational, positive-spirited way you could ever imagine.

The Owl Be Strength Series was born to GIVE FORWARD and to encourage people, who want to help (because people do genuinely want to help, but don’t know how to contribute).

Over the next few days, Owl Be Sweatin’ will be tapping into the personal lives and sharing the stories of Megan Bailey, Emily O’Reilly and Kelli Woodstock. Their stories are truly touching and hope they inspire you to join us in making a difference by helping out these women and their families and ease this extremely difficult chapter of their lives.

Owl Be Sweatin’ has created a custom headband for each of these women, now available for purchase.

Owl Be Sweatin’ will be donating back $7 of every OBS Strength Series headband sold to each of these women’s personal funds to help them with all of their medical expenses.


Megan’s Fund

What are you waiting for? GIVE FORWARD now and represent your OBS Strength Series with pride and hope.

Megan’s Story [Creating Hope with Survival]


It was Christmas time 2014 and I received the news that I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  You hear this from the doctor, and suddenly your world just stops.  Everything that you thought you were momentarily "worried or stressed" about quickly fades away and for me, after the shock of it all, I went into survival mode.   I had all these beautiful identities in 2014... "newlywed", "nurse", "new home owner" and nowhere did I think I would add "cancer patient."  Suddenly, you are thrown into a whirlwind of decisions and doctors appointments and your "normal" is now evolving into something that you never thought would happen to you.  My husband and I were told chemotherapy would potentially harm my ability to get pregnant, so we made the choice to go through fertility saving options and in a matter of days had enormous bills but also had the hope of having a family at the end of this battle.

I began weekly chemotherapy treatments in January 2015 and will continue them until the last week in May 2015.  After chemotherapy, I will receive a double mastectomy followed up with radiation treatments.  This journey is definitely not how I envisioned my first year of marriage but I am blessed to have the most supportive, kind and strong man by my side and family/friends that give me so much strength and courage to "just keep swimming!"  This journey is a constant reminder, of what really matters in life and at the end of it, I will proudly have the new identity of "survivor!"