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Custom Made Headbands from OBS

Mallory DeBraComment

Get your squad on point with matching, customized headbands!

Customized headbands are great for ANY group gathering! Whether you're getting matching sports team headbands or slapping your business logo on your band, we can do it all!
Our designer can create multiple samples to fit your needs and give you the best look. With a low order minimum in place, we can create anything your imagination can dream.

We have created custom designs for groups like CHAARG and Pure Romance-to smaller groups like Volleyball and Softball teams.
With every headband including an adjustable back, the headbands will fit any head shape and size. In addition, they are all lined in a non-slip material that won't budge off your head and will literally 'catch your sweat!'
Email mallory@owlbesweatin.com or reply to this email for more details.